TULSA-PRO Treatment Procedures

Preoperative and Postoperative Procedures

Preoperative Procedures

  • Before undergoing treatment, our patients are examined by our urologist to evaluate the status of their prostate functions, including urinary and male-specific functions.
  • Our patients undergo general anesthesia prior to the treatment. This means that they will first need to present to our anesthesiologist to make sure that it would be safe for them to undergo anesthesia, i.e. to rule out any special risks that might apply.
  • In case of doubt about the safety of general anesthesia, our patients may also need to undergo additional examinations (e.g. examinations carried out by our cardiologist).

Postoperative Procedures

  • For purposes of observation, our patients remain at our clinic for one night after undergoing treatment.
  • Unless other factors apply, our patients usually experience no postoperative erectile or ejaculatory dysfunction.
  • Our patients present to our urologist at 1 to 2 weeks postop to have the urinary catheter that was placed at the start of the treatment removed.
  • Prior to the catheter’s removal, our urologist will interview the patient about his recovery and carry out a clinical examination to assess the patient’s urinary function. Once the catheter is removed, our patients are expected to be free of any urinary dysfunction, including incontinence.
  • Further assurance that the treatment was successful is expected to come in the form of a declining PSA level, which is tested 6 weeks postop at the earliest.
  • At 3 months postop, a series of follow-up examinations is carried out at the ALTA Klinik. These examinations include: