Preventive Care at the ALTA Klinik

The Rationale for Preventive Care

Many people take advantage of preventive-care options while they are still quite young. Doing so allows them to determine their current state of health and to learn of any risk factors that could undermine their health at some point further down the road. An awareness of risk factors and the detection of disease at an early stage enable people to respond before it’s too late.

Given their capacity to prevent, delay and limit the severity of disease, preventive-care options in the form of checkups and screenings are attractive not only to people who are experiencing symptoms, but also to those who have no apparent symptoms or risk factors.

Many controllable and uncontrollable factors can increase your risk of disease, including:

  • Work-related stress
  • Insufficient exercise
  • Poor dietary habits
  • Family history of disease

The Importance of Early Detection

We learn of new, more effective medications and other forms of medical intervention almost every day in the media. Indeed, continuous progress in the field of medicine has enabled caregivers to offer promising treatments for an ever wider range of diseases, many of which were thought of as untreatable just a few years ago.

But even the best forms of treatment are likely to remain ineffective if they are not introduced on time. As a matter of fact, the early detection of disease and risk factors increases the likelihood of prevention and effective treatment. Early detection gives patients an opportunity to begin treatment earlier or to take steps to counteract risk factors, and thereby prevent the onset of disease. This is why the significance of preventive care continues to grow.