Prostate Costs

Cost overview for PSA level Including consultation and medical report

  • PSA Level

  • Prostate MRI

    • EUR 1,350

      Multiparametric MRI examination of the prostate and the entire pelvis

  • MRI-guided prostate biopsy

    • EUR 2,150

      Targeted MRT-controlled prostate biopsy of suspected tumor sites

      • At the ALTA Clinic, a biopsy is only necessary if a tumour suspect site was diagnosed during a previous MRI examination of the prostate.
      • With our biopsy, we can safely, painlessly and precisely take tissue samples from tumor suspicious sites.
      • Access to the prostate gland or to suspected tumor sites is in the upper buttock region, at the level where the buttock fold begins. Because we do not pass through the colon or perineum, no preventive antibiotics are necessary.
      • Our prostate biopsy is a combination biopsy because, in addition to the targeted tissue samples, we also take systematic tissue samples from the prostate in accordance with the recommended S3 guideline. This allows us to give every patient maximum safety.
      • If an MRI examination of the prostate can rule out the possibility that there is a tumour suspect site in the prostate, no biopsy is performed.
  • MRI-controlled TULSA-PRO treatment

    • Depending on treatment

      MRI-controlled TULSA-PRO treatment for prostate enlargement and prostate cancer

      With the TULSA-PRO therapy we carry out organ and function-preserving treatments for prostate cancer and to reduce the size of the prostate.

      • The treatment takes place in the MRI machine and can be observed and controlled live on the monitor during the entire treatment.
      • The costs depend on the type and complexity of the treatment. Please contact us by telephone.
      • EUR 210
        Urological check-ups before prostate treatment TULSA-PRO
      • EUR 180
        Investigations into anaesthesia capability for prostate treatment TULSA-PRO